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Getting you on the Water

Comox Valley Kayaks & Canoes is located next to the often calm waters of the Courtenay River Estuary.  Rent a kayak, canoe, or SUP and paddle right from our shop - or load up some gear & head further afield.

Paddling from shop:  A higher tide allows for the greatest range of estuary exploration, and fair weather is always welcome!  Call us at 250.334.2628 for the current marine conditions, or to help plan the best time for you to come & paddle.  You can also check out the tide heights - 2 metres or higher for the duration of your rental ensures the greatest access to all corners of the estuary.

Kayak, Canoe, and SUP rentals include paddles and PFDs (personal flotation devices) as well as all of the additional safety gear required by Transport Canada (throw rope, bilge pump or bailer, and whistle).  We also provide tie down straps & foam cradles for your roof racks.  Please see below for important information on transporting our kayaks.

Spray skirts, sponges, and paddle floats are also available upon request at no additional cost.  Spray skirts are provided only if the paddler can perform a controlled wet exit.  

 **No 1 or 2 hour rentals at this time*

DurationRec Single
(no rudder)
Plastic Single
(with rudder)
1 hour 22 28 32 42 52 42 28
2 hours 28 35 38 54 62 54 40
4 hours 37 46 48 66 80 66 52
1 day 46 60 65 82 110 82 70
xtra day 20 26 40 43 50 43 35
1 week 162 211 305 333 410 333 280
evening 28 35 38 54 62 54 40

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Additional Rental Information



  • Rec Single: A recreational single - either sit-on-top or sit-in.  These are short kayaks (10' - 12') with no rudder or skeg. Recreational kayaks are perfect for casual paddling close to shore or taking along on a bigger boat.
  • Plastic Single: 13' to 17' sea kayaks with at least one hatch and a rudder or skeg. The shorter ones (14') are perfect for a day trip and the longer ones (16' - 18') are also suitable for multi-day expeditions.
  • Glass Single: Full size fibreglass touring sea kayaks with rudders or skegs and 2 or 3 hatches. We have many different models, so ask for your favourite or tell us your height, weight & level of experience, and we'll pick the appropriate boat for you.
  • Standard Double: 2-person double kayak with a rudder and at least 1 hatch.
  • 3-Hatch Double: Full size fibreglass touring double kayak with a centre hatch for additional storage. Some models can accomodate a child or pet in the centre.

We ask that all multi-day kayak renters give friends or family members a float plan, and supply us with a copy for our records. No information submitted will be disclosed unless renters arrive late, at which point we will contact the primary contact person listed on the float plan. Download a sample Float Plan here, courtesy of SEA KAYAKER Magazine.


Other Rental Items

Rental Item
Per Day
Per Week
Kayak Cart (to transport empty boat)
Canoe Cart (for use on portages)
Paddle Only 
Roof Racks (vehicle must have factory rails)


Kayak and Canoe Transportation

We supply foam blocks & straps for all rentals.  Fibreglass kayaks and double kayaks can only be transported on padded roof racks. If you do not have roof racks but your vehicle has factory rails, we do have some racks available for use.  Please call us to ensure racks are suitable for your vehicle and are available.  

Comox Valley Kayaks & Canoes reserves the right to refuse rentals if we are not comfortable with the method of transportation.

Kayaks cannot be towed behind larger boats or motorized crafts. EXPENSIVE DAMAGE will result and you, the renter, will be held responsible.
Kayaks and canoes must not be secured using ratchet-type straps.  These straps can apply significant pressure to boats & can cause cracking & deformation.  Any damage is the responsibility of the renter.


Kayak Delivery

We can deliver and pick up your kayaks at your starting or finishing points if you are unable to transport them. Please call Sue at 250.897.2498 for pricing.  Long distance deliveries qualify for a minimum of 3 singles, 2 doubles or 2 canoes.


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