Nimbus Kayaks

Telkwa HV


The Telkwa HV is Nimbus's largest single and can carry an impressive load. The hull is almost identical to the Telkwa but the deck is 1" deeper in the cockpit area. This extra height in the middle of the boat tapers to the same size as the Telkwa at the ends. It handles very much like the Telkwa but with slightly more windage and is able to hold more gear. The Telkwa HV is the ideal boat for larger paddlers or those who like lots of space in the cockpit.

  • In Stock?: Yes
  • Available used? : Yes
  • Type: Touring
  • Lay Up: Fiberglass
  • Length: 18' 3"
  • Width: 24.4"
  • Depth: 14.75"
  • Chine: Soft
  • Control Device: Rudder

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